The Quick, Not The Dead

There’s an odd kind of feeling, deep inside. It’s a feeling of heartfelt honesty, a feeling of truth and powerful expression. It’s like you have to tell people what you really feel, everything you really think, every honest part of yourself.

We weren’t meant to go through life completely lying to each other. We were meant for truth. We were meant for real talk, for real truth. You can see it in our faces. They say everyone has a tell, an action or expression that gives us away when we lie. There are no tells for the truth. There’s no special way of telling we’re being honest, straight up, laying it out there. Our bodies aren’t meant for lying.

Don’t be too truthful. Wait, let me change that around a little bit. Okay… Don’t be an asshole. Don’t walk up to people and tell you think they’re ugly, or fat, or stupid…

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