When a Random Post Coming Like a Storm

Well, howdy everyone, my bro and my sis…
I always love when someone took a photo of me and i set the light from under my face. Make my face look more handsome. Or, scarier.

Holiday season is coming, and i’ve got another message from my dad.
He said he’ll come to Jakarta or maybe “will” invite me to our home later.
Honestly, I can’t even remember my home. Or, how can i go there. Or, where is it anyway… 😐

Now, you may ask me, why am i post something random like this…??
I’m not in the good mood, but really want to write something on this blog.
I used to write everything randomly, and delete the draft later.. But, maybe this time, i’ll try to publish this. Sometimes, random thoughts can be fun to read too..

This may not be the first, nor the last, but i can assume my mind is an asshole..
You know, for make a random thought every day, every hour, every single time i can remember..
For some reason, i’ll get mad for thinking that way, and sometimes i thought that’s funny..
I’ll laugh, mad, anger, smile, and even show no feeling.
Like when you see through mirror and the face that appear on that mirror isn’t yours. But, it make you thinks, “Wow, that smile is charming too, but who is that…?
And you can’t understand who is the person inside you, the one who tried to consumed you all the time.
Why not you get rid of him/her… The little voice inside your head who talks to you before you sleep…
Who is that person??

Not to make this even more creepy, i want you to remember, whenever you read something without opening your mouth, not using your voice, that voice inside your head keep talking…
You’ll try to stop it, but it keep talking. Now he speak louder. And you wonder who is it?

Every single person who isn’t crazy yet, is someone who can control that tiny little voice on their head.

Another random thought suddenly appear on my head. (He is the one who whisper this to me)
Have you ever thought why parents make a story like Santa, Easter Bunny, fairies, etc?
Who start it anyway?
Why you believe it when you was a kid, and denied it as soon as you’re grown up?
Why some people believe, adult’s imagination is dull…? and not deserve that magical thing such as a pony?
They make that story, but didn’t believe it though…?

Aa… i should stop it here..
Before i make some more complicated thoughts on my head.. Cheers up and enjoy the time you wanted most since you’re a kiddo… It’s adulthood, everybody…?! 😀


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