Games Vs. Movies

Think about a game choice….! 😀

are you a gamer boy or a fan movie boy…? Me, i’m a gamer boy… LOL

The Quick, Not The Dead

A good game beats, by leaps and bounds, a good movie. Sure, a good movie can be inspiring, make you feel a variety of feelings. But a good game can do all those things as well as allow you to interact with the characters and the storyline, explore the world the characters live in, and spend far longer to experience than a movie.

The price-to-enjoyment-time ratio is better with games. I pay $20 for a game, I can play it for twenty, thirty, forty hours. Some I go all the way to eighty. $20 for a movie at the theatre might get me a ticket and a thing of popcorn, maybe. Drink would go past that. That’s an hour and a half to three hours, tops. They don’t play those eight-hour long epics around here anywhere. I’m more inclined to buy a game and enjoy it for a long time…

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