Pain that Changes You

Hey, whats up bro and sis..
Tonight i’m feeling a little lucky to find out something happen with a reason.
Well, i’m not supposed to do this but i already done it anyway, so fuck logic ok…?!

Gw pernah kehilangan sesuatu yang paling berharga dalam hidup gw. Lo juga pasti pernah. Kita semua pernah kehilangan apa yang kita sayangi dan nggak peduli sebaik apapun kita ngejaganya, ketika dia harus hilang, maka dia akan hilang.
Then you’ll feel the pain.
The pain that will make you feel hurt inside. You can’t eat, can’t hangout with your friends, can’t even sleep at night.
You’ll feel sorry. You’ll know what depression is. You know how cold it is to be lonely.
You can feel a hole deep down in your heart.
But you should realize, there are 2 type of pain in this world;
Pain that hurts you, and pain that changes you.
(Rasa sakit yang melukai fisik, dan rasa sakit perasaan yang mengubahmu)
Every single thing that happens in this world comes with a reason.
(i use ‘with’ instead of ‘for’, cause i believe reason is made at the same time with the problem it self)

Stay positive, fella…. 😀


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