Past Experience

Good evening bro and sis…  😀
Thank God today is Friday. LOL
This weekend i’m free, so tonight i’ll online all night long. I’ll reply email, watch movies online, eat, sleep… what ever i want.

Tonight i’ll talk about past experience.
Someone gave me advice long time ago.
Don’t let yourself be controlled by three things: People, Money, and your Past Experience. 
(Jangan biarkan dirimu dikendalikan oleh tiga hal: Manusia, Uang dan Masa lalu mu.)
I found that’s true.
My friend proofing that you can’t always be controlled by other people. Even if that’s how society works. She always fight back, and mostly failed. But, at list, she tried.
You know, you have a  boss who rules you at the office, you’ve your mother at house, you’ve teacher at school, etc..
You’re not even realize that you’re life is being controlled by somebody else right now.

Money… Something crucial on your life. Without it you can’t buy food, drink, clothes, pay rent, etc..
Everybody needs money, even ‘money can’t buy happiness’.
People work for money.
And government, always, controlled by money. LOL

Your Past Experience, is something more internal. Coming from your self.
Your bad, good, awkward, happy, sad experience is something for you to remember.. You should learn from your mistake elderly said. But, I believe some people not just ‘learn’ from their experience. Some people get stuck in their past experience, and that’s not good.
You may learn from it, but don’t be controlled by it. You should forgive your self for your own peace.
Being angry is punishing yourself because of somebody else’s stupidity. Don’t get fooled by your anger, mistake or negative experience from your past.

Live in peace my friend..
Cheers.. 😀


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