Global’s Climate

Since a couple weeks ago, my friends and i was talked about world’s climate.
My friends from America told me that they was spending their money for buying a new heater for their house, but it can’t be helped anymore. The water is freezing and they can’t use just one layer of coat.
My friend from Canada told them to stop crying like a baby about the snow; he called them ‘pussy’ anytime they talk about how cold it can be.
My friend from Australia told us that they should be grateful for the snow, because in Australia, it’s hot like hell.. It’s fvcking close to 50° celcius..
My friend from England told us that it would be great if they can feel cold or hot, at list they didn’t have flood. I told them don’t be a jerk… You also know that here in Jakarta, we’ve flood emergency too.. LOL
And i bet you already know about Egypt that having snow again after over than 100 years…. 😀
Most of my friends from other country are having trouble with unstable weather.

I bet our mother nature is getting sick of us.. And she wants to get rid of us. We are like some kind of flu for a planet because it’s over populated.

Honestly… i think that way and i found it’s a little funny.

Either it’s hot or rain out there, i still have a problem every single morning.. I can’t just get up and leave my bed like a morning person. Oh, i hate that so much.. 😛
It’s even more hard in rainy day.
And i know you feel the same too.. Just be honest… Hahaha..

Flood issue here in Jakarta is about traffic jam too.
If it’s rain all day, than i suggest you’d better going no where. Stay at home. Make sure you’re warm enough at bed and sleep all day. Because, Jakarta is having flood problem mostly every year, and once over 5 years for a massive flood periodic. Well, we only have either rainy day or fvcking hot day. We’re so lucky.
Oh yeah, Indonesian are so lucky… 😀 😀 😀

I hope you guys can be survive for this year too.. 2014 is well begin with a nice weather everywhere. So enjoy and be happy. 🙂


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