Broken Infinity’s Anniversary

Happy anniversary for this blog…. 😀
Glad I could make it through first year… LOL
(Gw sambil makan mie rebus untuk merayakan ulang tahun blog ini)
(PS: minumnya es milo, barusan dibuatin sama christ 😛 )

I’m having a good start on this April… You maybe don’t know that my own birthday has passed a couple week ago(?)
But, i’m glad, wordpress reminding me of this blog’s birthday…




And of course, 1 big present from you, my brothers and sisters, is April 1st as Best Day for Likes on this blog… Thank you… 😀
It means a lot for me as an irresponsible writer… I’ll do better the next year… Hell yeah!

I hope this isn’t an April Fool’s surprise and thanks again, bro and sis… 🙂


Anniversary can mean a lot for someone like me…  ∞

My two best buddies never remember my birthday… LOL
But i don’t care…
If you two read this, i wanna say i love you guys, no matter what!! (Bromance Rule)



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