22 Jump Street and Hello

Do you all miss me? i’ve been going for a month already.. LOL

Yes, i’m back..
I just get back from my home town to Jakarta.
It’s kinda sad for honestly saying that I miss traffic on Jakarta.

One of my friend inform me about “Pekan Rakyat Jakarta” or PRJ. It was held for celebrating Jakarta’s birthday on June 22nd.
There will be 2 places who held PRJ, one in Kemayoran, and the others in Silang Monas (Monumen Nasional).
I’ve heard that Jokowi, Jakarta’s governor, isn’t attended the opening of this event, and Ahok was giving the speech instead of him. Fair enough, but not well executed.

I don’t have time to go to both places but maybe i will 😛


Ok… I just watched 22 Jump Street this afternoon.
(Top priority)
I always love them and i like the story. But, in this second movie.. the story line was too much..
Still funny but i like the first one better.

You know, i always talked about Bromance and this movie is telling one story about it..
Schmidt and Jenko teaching us how to be a good partner.
It’s not all about smooth relationship. Sometimes you need that “something” for your partnership.
It’s not all about homosexuality, but more than that, you trust your partner.
Well said..

Apparently,  i was watching the premiere..  and i don’t know it..


You know what..
I do miss a lot of things when i stop doing it..
Ya.. it happens all the time more than you can remember.

Hello and good bye.. 🙂


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