really EXPENSIVE hotel with liquid soap

Ok… I’m gonna start this story from when i was on my hometown last month.

I was stay at a 5 star hotel for at list 2 days before i change my mind and move to somewhere else.
And didn’t tell anyone where I am, and I didn’t think i should do.

This random story started when I was check in to that **** hotel.
I was arrived in the afternoon, and was too tired to do anything but taking a bath.
I’m unpacking my stuff and get my warm towel, and get into the bathroom. Turn the shower on, and start open all my clothes.
There was a bottle of shampoo, a bottle of soap and a bottle of conditioner.
So i took the shampoo and start washing my hair. I leave the bubble over my hair and take the liquid soap.
It’s cap is closed a little too tight. My hands are covered with bubble and become slippery.
And I can finally open that bottle of liquid soap after drying my hands with my towel, and i was a little upset back then.
I’m pouring the soap into my hand, but the fact that the soap was too liquid, so it won’t stay in my hand.
The soap was only flowing to the tub over my fingers..
Half bottle of the soap now empty because my stupidity.
(You can laugh now)

I never expected that the soap was that watery..

I don’t want to pay really expensive only to get a small room, a tv with cheap channels, an air conditioner, a little bathroom with small tub and shower, and a watery liquid soap and shampoo..
So i moved to another cheaper hotel the next day.. LOL


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