Just Mania Episode of my Bipolar

Good evening, everyone.

I just finished my dinner with my coworkers.
They’re having conversation about long weekend at the end of ramadhan.
Most of them are Moslem. I’m not, but i love holiday too. 😀

Indonesia has 5 major religions; Islam, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist and Hindu.
And I’m not one of them. Sorry to say..

But i really appreciate people who is religious.

Well, i don’t really into religion or something like your relationship with God.
Let’s talk about something else.

I was having nightmare last night. I know it must be side effect of the medicine i take for my Bipolar.
I was not consumed hard drugs, only pain killer or sleep pill. It helps me sometimes.
Sometimes, i stay awake for more than 24 hours and it kills me.
Having bad thoughts or visions it’s really killing me. So, those kinds of medicine should help me a bit.

My doctor always suggest me to talk to other people more.
It should help me to not think about suicide, killing other people, or doing something unthinkable for normal people, like maybe put shaving foam instead of mayonnaise on my sandwich. LOL

Christ and Anu are very big help. They’re understand me. Wkwkwkwk.. thanks bro.. Thanks to both of you.
sometimes, when i’m not even in the mood to talk with them, they will just ignore my bad mood and still talk to me like i’m having my regular mood.
And it really works.
When i forget how to human, they reminds me.

Oh.. no. I’m talking too much.. Wkwkwkwk..


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