No Dog

I’m not a cat or dog person.
I don’t really into animal. I don’t hate them, i just don’t want to bother having pet on my house, but guess what?!
Today Christ bring dog home…
A pitbull and he looks lovely. Cool and strong. Yet so calm and cheerful.
He sniffing around the house when the first time he arrived.

My first impression when i see that “bad” breed is “wooooow… he is so cool” and is a good boy..
He has no tail but his face is look like he is smiling.

Christ said that he get this dog from his cousin. LOL
I think we’re having pet now.

Christ also said that he didn’t want to have that dog, but his cousin insisted.
I suggest Christ to put that dog on adoption list, so.. we’ll see couple weeks from now.

And the fact that Anu is Moslem and he is not allowed to touch dog make it more reasonable to give away that dog..

Bravo Pitbull.


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