Anonymous Email

“Sometimes i feel like i don’t deserve this life. I don’t even want to be born. I never choose on which family i want to be born. I never want to live my life like this. It simply a God’s play. I’m just a doll. I never want to be like this. So i failed to be a human, right?”

Someone emailed me this last night.
I really hoped that this isn’t a suicide mail.

I made this blog to write what’s up with my self. Sharing some of my thoughts to cyber reader.

What’s with this mail?

Well.. me too had a that feeling.
Unwanted. Failed. Broken hearted. Like I’m nothing.

I don’t have a perfect family. Like i’ve just been born like this not knowing what i want to be.
But i survived.
I know i do.

My advice will be, you should talk to someone in the real world. Knowing someone will help you is better than whining around on cyber world.
Doctor, teacher, friends, or it could be anyone, a stranger that you can find  on metro. Somebody who can listen to you in the real time..

I don’t believe in God, but may God bless you… 🙂


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2 responses to “Anonymous Email

  • alana1640

    God loves you so much!! I know you may not listen to this, but even though you don’t believe in him. He still LOVES you so much. He will never stop loving you. God sent his son to die for you.. He loves you and will never forget you

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