My review: Lucy (2014)

I just watch Lucy this afternoon. I’ve been waiting for this movie.
I decided to watch it alone because i want to be focus with the movie. Besides, Christ and Anu has watched it before me.

But I feel sorry. That movie is not as good as the rumor before it was released.

I’m gonna say that i disappointed.
Besides Scarlett Johansson’s HOT body and my fav actor, mr. Morgan Freeman, i can’t find anything i like.
Even the kiss scene is not that interesting. Yeah..

The whole story is good but it feels too simple. You know, like how’s the whole world created, the drug dealer and how it delivered, the “average” ending, Korean mafia, etc.
They’re shooting that movie in Taiwan, but Mr. Jang and his henchmen speak Korean, and since when Korean mafia is more popular than Chinese’s?
You can find more trivia on this link.

Here is an interesting trivia. You’ll see something interesting. Prior to the car chases ending at an outdoor market, there’s a shot of an old man reading a newspaper with an ad for Pacific Rim on the top of the front page. A coincidence? LOL
We should prepare for kaiju 😛
Better re-watch that movie to find out.

I expect something more interesting for the ending. Because it feels flat. The whole movie is pointless after all until the ending.
The most visible error is when Lucy’s skin is turning black, you see her arms turn completely black. The next scene, you see her arms again and they’re still flesh-colored.

Ternyata Hollywood’s movie jg punya banyak error ya.. Wkwkwkwkwk..
Gw pikir masalah continuity itu cm masalah sepele yang lokalan. Ternyata..
Sama aja.
Banyak juga lho itu error nya.

In my opinion,
Dear Black Widow, you should be black widow for the rest of your life, because you’re a lot more interesting on that character. 😛

Sekian dan terima kasih. 😛



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