Paradox thing

Hi everyone! it’s been a while (like all the time).

I was completely boring right now. So, i need to do something.
Writing seems like a good idea. But, nope.. I’m totally wrong..
Now i’m confused with what should i write.
I haven’t read newspaper for a while, nor watching news on tv. I don’t know what happen in the real world.

Someone, please help me!


Here’s something i found on twitter.


I am a paradox.
I am neither happy
nor am I sad.

I smile at pretty things,
and laugh at funny things.

But late at night I become
a mess of emotions and thoughts;
and I wish I could just disappear. 


Every people in this world may have that feeling every once in a while.
That’s true.

Sometimes people often lost in their mind wondering why they are being like what they’re now.

I’ve my time.
Now I’m thinking about my life.


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