My Review: Hercules

Last night I was watching Hercules.

As i expected, i was disappointed with the main character. The Hercules,  Mr. Dwayne Johnson, with his beard, make it more difficult to accept my childhood hero’s character is ruined.
Hercules, as on my childhood book was white, tall, handsome, strong, and son-of-the-God.. Now, he seems more like barbarian.

The story was good, and nothing is wrong with the plot twist..
It’s just i prefer to believe that Hercules was son of Zeus and there is centaur, cerberus, etc..

This “Hercules” was fine. That’s true, people need hero to believe there’s still a hope. Hercules and his story with his friends, the whole journey is amazing. How they fight, the strategy, that’s cool..
But please,  Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Flynn Picture Company and other production company, please.. please don’t ruin any other childhood story.
It’s fine with Hansel and Gretel, ok with Sleeping Beauty, a little too much for Jack and the giant, and now Hercules? Like for real? What else?

umm.. but the plus side, i always love a movie with some funny scene.
I love it when Amphiaraus waiting for fire arrows to hit him, but it’s never happen. And when Hercules and his team was escaping from the dungeon, when a javelin comes at Amphiaraus and he said, “My time… ” and Hercules stops the javelin, Amphiaraus said, “Do you mind? I was having a moment!” and Hercules said, “You’re welcome.” That’s such a goof. And a really good goof. I’m laughing!

oh.. and I love Atalanta’s character. Who doesn’t love a woman character as a warrior.
She was good using that bow and arrows.
But the hardest part of believing someone is an archer on every single movie was they’re never run out the arrows.
😛 do you mind to think about a character later having trouble because he/she run out an arrow?

That’s all i have. Read IMDb for more information about this movie. 😀



“Before he was a legend, he was a man.”


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