I’m sorry, cause Fvck YOU…!

Sometimes i hate people who underestimated me.
Sometimes i understand what they’re thinking. But then i knew i already hate them.

Pardon my sarcastic language, but at list i can say “sorry” before i said “fvck you”
It’s more like, “I’m sorry to break your heart, but FVCK YOU…!”

If you can’t handle my crazy mind, you only need to stay the fvck out of it. It’s not your business, and so i said i’m sorry because i’m not what like you want me to.
I’m me. And i don’t fvcking care with your opinion, because… ya! you never hear mine!

You said people are crazy, but you never realize that you’re the one who crazy.
You hate everyone, but you never realize that your self was the one who make other people hates you.
You ask for someone perfect, but you never think of everyone accepting you as you are.. not the perfect you.

You always wear a mask, but you ask people around you to open their masks..

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