My Review: Dracula Untold

I just watched Dracula Untold.
And.. you know i’m perfectionist.

The whole story is not even make any sense.

How the fvck Vlad survived alone and run away?
What the fvck is peace that they mean in the beginning of the story, whereas only in a few minute later, the turkish come and ask for 1000 boys..?
What a selfish king who save his own boy rather than all his people?
In this part, i already hate this movie.
You can easily guess, next vlad will seek for help on that mountain and became a dracula.
Damn it, right!?
Then, how the fvck all the guard not suspicious when vlad can win by himself?
Why the fvck that the Turkish’s sultan need Vlad’s son so bad? He send almost all his troops only to take “a thousand children” (in fact, he only want Vlad’s son, you got it, don’t you?) from Transylvania.
And there are still some more “fvckin question” on my head… I can’t help myself, but hate to realize i waste my money for some shitty movie..

After watching this movie, the only overview that come up on my mind was, “Vlad, was a Turkish soldier, he is the son of Transylvania’s King. Who then find his own ‘freedom’, and build his own kingdom. Start a family. Problem. Seek for help. Battle with the Turkish. Almost-a-sex-scene. Runaway. Another battle. Burn. Battle. Sad scene. Rise-and-shine. Rescuing his own son. dead. Come back to live. ”

From 1 to 10, i think this movie is 3.


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