Sometimes, we need someone else to encourage us to be better.

I always believe that everybody needs a challenge every once in a while.
And I think it’s about my time.

I thought I was strong. Until I found this problem and I think i couldn’t make it. I prepared to retreat, giving up everything that i have, i’m hopeless and helpless.
I never feel like this before because i believe on my self.

“My confidence doesn’t come from me thinking i’m better than anyone else. It comes from me knowing everyday I’m better than i was.”

Then everything is change after i found this problem. This cute little problem.
I was fallen too deep into depression. I wish i knew it before, the taste of a failure.

After a couple of days, my friend, come to my house and found me on my room, dying (he said so).
I told him everything, and the reason why am i so hopeless.
He said i have to survive.
He explained how and why. I calmed down.

A challenge is supposed to make us stronger. Not weaker.
That’s true.
But sometimes we didn’t know how, and need someone to help us understand what is the main problem. because, we can’t always see through our eyes when we’ve such a trouble.

With communicating with other people, we get help to explore our self better.

Don’t be afraid to ask anyone about your problem. Because two heads are better than only one head in trouble.



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