Gonna Watch Fury Tonight!

<2:14 PM>

To the crazy person, the normal one is insane.”

Idk why the office seems quite this afternoon. Some people are away, and there’s me, here, doing nothing but dizzy. Waiting for the clock ticking faster so i can go home earlier.
I’m still waiting for text confirmation on my phone so i can write again on my blog. About how boring i am right now.
And, maybe… You’ll wonder why. Why should i write something like this on blog.
The answer is because i can. So fvck you!

My brain is bothering me with such a cheap and irrelevant thoughts.

And i’m scheduling to watch Fury tonight.. in case, i can get out from this office asap!
A little curious with the plot twist. Already read the review on Imdb but i should see it with my own eyes. And if i am sober, i can write a review about it tomorrow. LOL
Only if i am sober, ya?!


<4.19 PM>

And i’m still here. Waiting for a miracle so i can get the hell out from this office.

Lama lho gw ngetik postingan ini.. And hell ya I’m boring!



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