My Review: Fury (2014)

Totally awesome, i just watch Fury after running from my office to the cinema..
And hell yeah, i made it on time!

Ok.. about the Fury.

For once at the beginning, i thought Brad Pitt was the main char. But.. After Logan Lerman coming with such an innocent char, i knew, (I just knew) that he is the real main char. (I know, my mistake).
Norman. A new soldier. Come up with nothing but the horror on his face knowing that he might find the hell on earth. Yes, the battle field.

Well, if i continue, this will be a spoiler.
I know you’ll wish for me to stop. But no..

FINE, I’ll continue tomorrow.

Nice to know the rank for this movie is up, from 7.7 to 8.2 tonight.



I need to write. Need to keep my head busy. so I can think.


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2 responses to “My Review: Fury (2014)

  • IT 2 IT

    GQ does World War II —YET AGAIN?

    CFR on board PITT? –fighting NAZIs?- – -AGAIN?

    Hollywood BURYING without a TRACE
    some 5 decades of milestone anniversaries
    for the GLOBALISM –RED CHINA and EUGENICS ‘unfriendly’
    —————————–KOREAN WAR?——————————




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