My review: Fury (2014) – 2

Good morning menjelang afternoon!
(And now evening…)

Gw lagi di kantor dan mulai merasa bosan, kawan-kawan!
😀 So… boleh gw lanjut spoiler tentang Fury?
Wardaddy dan Machine.. (It sounds lame ya kalau gw tulis di sini.. :P)

Ok. So, Wardaddy and Norman seems had a quick relationship since the beginning.
I must say that was obviously “something”..

From the beginning, I thought that Brad pitt was the main char on this movie, but ya.. i am wrong. Sorry.
So, that “Norman” guy is the one. Innocent man goes to the war, finding love in the middle of the war and nearly die in the war.
That scene when he make love with that German girl was so sad. They make love and just after a couple minutes (on the scene), she is died. So sad.

When finally they’re alone in the battle field and face a SS Nazi troops, I think, rather than heroic, they’re stupid.
They had no strategy.
Only few ammunition left.
And, the tank is on bad condition.
So, what else…? They only giving their life to the enemy. Which i think that’s stupid.

In fact, that US win eventually, more like a miracle for me.
Yeah. We only seen that part of the war, but.. Hell ya..?!
(think about this by your self)

I was thinking about the Nazi. SS Nazi.
Why must Nazi?
Is this a signal that Nazi are still out there? What about the Russia, ISIS and Korean?
This IT 2 IT guy was commented my last post and talk about this so, ya.. it’s time to think.
It’s not a coincidence that Hollywood makes this kind of movie. Remember? Almost all Hollywood’s movie have something to interpret.
Think.. Be conscious.. !
Don’t believe the mass media!


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