In the middle of a Meeting

I write this in the middle of a meeting.
Well, i supposed to hear what other people said but you know me… I can’t even think about job right now.
I don’t want to think about anything else, but.. I’ll try to write.

The main reasons was so people think I write down everything. I’m working.
The other reasons is to keep my hands busy and I can stay here as long as needed.
The last reason is to update this blog (which is the hardest part of all).

You know what?
When everyone but you talking about business, and you have no interest on that, so your mind just wander around to the outside, you’re damned!

Other’s said, “So the business was like.. bla bla.. bla….” and your mind like, “Oh ok.. So, it’ll rain this evening. I shouldn’t wash the car this morning. Oh.. There’re beautiful girl on that apartment, i wonder who’s she…”
You’re fvcked up man!
You totally fvcked up!

Even the spider outside the window is bothering you.
You can’t focus on the whiteboard, and instead, you count the cloud in the sky.

You’ll back to the “business” when finally, someone call your name.
And that’s happening right now.
So, see ya 🙂


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