My review: Ouija (2014) – Happy HALLOWEEN…!

So, last night i was watching Ouija. The movie start at 11 pm.
I’m not really into horror movie, but since yesterday was Halloween day, i decided to watch HORROR.
And I hate it. Regret it.
Yeah.. really.

So it begins when two child play with an ouija board.
You know what happen next. When a bad habit start, the terror will continue till everyone’s dead.

But i like Laine’s face. She is beautiful. Olivia Cooke is pretty.

Even this movie had receive bad rating on IMDb (only 4,4 stars today), i think the plot twist is not that bad.
A lot of jump scares ever where. And for a horror movie, it’s not a minus point.

And where’s the illuminati Symbol on this movie? Is that interesting for you?
(I told you, every Hollywood movie has one symbol on it. Curious? LOL)
On Laine’s room, there are some pics on the wall. There’re a pics of eye. One eye. (I’ll try to search a screen shoot of that scene, so you didn’t think i’m lying.)
And of course, the ouija’s magnifying glass, the thing that they used to play the board was on triangle shape. You see through the magnifying glass, so it become an Illuminati symbol for all seeing eye. It was there all the time.

Another thing that they miss in continuity scene was when at first we know Debbie was killed her self, hanging with the string of display lamps from her bedroom. In ever shot after that, the lights remain in their original location which is the Deb’s bedroom. 😀

I don’t really like the D.Z’s outfit. And the mother was way too easy to kill.

When Laine come to Deb’s house next morning after she died, I was cried a little. Idk why, but on the scene when Deb’s was there to help Laine fight D.Z before she burn the ouija board and the remain skeleton of D.Z, i cried again.
It’s funny to cry when you watch horror movie. But ya.. It’s just happen to me last night.

I’m curious to play an Ouija board, btw.
We have Jalangkung game here in Indonesia. It’s similar to Ouija, instead it using a Jalangkung Doll as medium for calling the spirits. I’ve tried to play Jalangkung when i was a kid. LOL

So.. How’s is your Halloween? 😀


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