Susi Pudjiastuti, Mrs.

Wah, lagi rame berita ttg Ibu Susi Pudjiastuti ya? Menteri Kelautan dan Perikanan Indonesia yg baru. Anggota Kabinet Kerja yang terhormat sejak 2014 sampai 2019.
Gw agak telat sih karena baru dua hari ini sempet nonton berita. She is cool and tough women. According to Uni Lubis’s website, she is an independent woman, and not every woman today can do what she can do.
Kisah seru nya bisa dibaca di halaman web punya nya Uni Lubis.

I thought that people should be proud with the story inside instead judging from it’s cover.

A lot of young people are smokers. You can ask someone why are they smoking?
Maybe the answer will be the same as Bu Susi’s answer. It’s not a big deal. So what?

About the tattoo…? Why is it really important? A lot of people out there having a tattoo all over their body and no one cares.

Bu Susi memang menteri. Tapi beliau juga manusia biasa. So what?

Bu Susi nggak tamat SMA, tapi nggak semua orang sukses di Indonesia ini lulusan luar negri kan?
Banyak pengusaha yang nyentrik tapi usahanya maksimal. Sukses. Nggak cuma berteori, tapi bisa menunjukan hasil nyata.
So what?

As long as she can work for Indonesia, let’s trust her and let her do her job!
Only that way we can judge her in the end.



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