To Not Working like a Boss

How is it going on out there?

Semalem daerah kantor gw macet banget, nggak tau kenapa. Sampe dua jam lebih di depan kantor. Mobil akhirnya gw matiin. Lelah.

Hari ini, gw liat jalanan macet lagi. Orang udah pada gila kali ya. Nggak jam kantor, nggak jam istirahat, jalanan penuh.
Orang2 yang lagi di luar pas jam kantor itu kerja nya apa sih? kok enak banget kayaknya. Gw jg mau kayak gtu.

By the way, this morning, my co-workers gave me Evanescence’s album, Fallen.
They’re cool.. Awesome!
Too bad they’re not together anymore.. (Eh, gw nggak salah kan ya?) 😛
Ada suggest band pop rock, rock, alternatif atau yg lainnya untuk gw dengerin sampai akhir bulan?
My life is too boring without music.

I was working with some papers right now, and i feel a little boring. So, what do you think i should do? LOL

I’m too lazy to read those words on the document (on my hand right now), instead I write this blog post and pretend i’m working (as usual). No one really care about me right now, so Hell yeah, keep writing…!


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