My Review : Interstellar (2014)

Today wasn’t really bad at all.
It’s heavy raining, right now. Wish I can turn off the lamp, because my eyes are sick; which mean i need to sleep. 😛

Well, btw i just talk to some of my co-workers. They’re love to talk. And sometimes they even gave me too much information. LOL. Sometimes i found it funny tho, but sometimes it’s not as simple as it sounds.
I believe everyone had the same right to be listened, as much as everyone had the right to talk to.

So, let’s make it simple.

When you’re going to talk to a person, be a person who you like to hear. Put your position into a listener too. So, you can judge your self, either you’re boring or fun to listened.
I prefer to be a quite listener, so whether people need me to shut up, i will only listen.

Oh… About the interstellar. Well, yah.. I like this movie even though it feels kinda boring too.

This movie is a fresh idea about “the end of the world.”
It’s not about a big flood, or earthquake, nor catastrophe. It’s about the real possibility about global warming.
One day, you can’t even plant your own food. There will be no more rice, wheat, corn, etc.
You’ll breathe dust every single day to your death.
It’s an epic reminder, that if you didn’t take care our earth, soon it’ll die.
You still see green grass, blue sky, oceans and mountain. But for how long? how much time do you need to do something for our earth.
Stop being selfish..!

With this movie too, i remember something from my junior high school time.
I remember one of my teacher told me about a multi-dimensional being. God for example. Something more complicated than human, and can not easily understood.
My memory is to blur to be written here, but as i can remember, he told me about human versus dimension.
For example, painting, drawing, and something we made on a paper or a screen, or else was 2 dimensional being. We’re 3 dimensional being. And, there’re (i believe) 4 dimensional and more others out there.

Just like a draw on a paper, they can’t see us. It makes sense if we think we can’t see those higher dimensional being above us. So, we will never met them except there’s something wrong with the concept of time.

I just never thought the possibilities about the other higher dimensional being was our self too. Like on Interstellar. The idea of  Cooper was the one who touch Anne (as Brand) on the space ship.

I nearly cried for more than 4 times, because i miss my father a lot. The different is that i don’t know where is he right now. And, ya.. I miss my mom too. I think i’m going to her grave at the end of this month.
This movie (might) teach us to never lose hope to someone that we love. Even it’s hard and seems impossible.
(Oh ya, by that, i mean my princess..)

The nice thing about this movie is that it has happy ending. I’m not expecting that but i know we need that kind of ending, sometimes.

I’m gonna continue this review tonight when i get back home. Because i had a lot works to do.
See ya!



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