The Consept of Time on a Movie

Wait. Something reminds me to someone right now.. I still can’t sleep yet.
I remember some specific movie like Lucy, Inception, Shutter Island, etc… and now Interstellar (you can find this on every movie, but you maybe won’t realize this).
“The greatest gift you can give to someone else is your time.”

Remember on Lucy, we learn that the most important thing in this world is time relativity. We can’t buy some time for doing something. We can’t turn it back to when we want. (even if it’s possible, we can’t do anything to change it).
The good news is, from those kind of movies, we can learn that the present still can change, depends on what we’re doing to pay our mistake on the past.

On Interstellar, you’ll get the message about you can get back to the past, because of time relativity, but you can change anything but the future.
On Big Hero 6, you’ll understand that we can’t change what happen in the past, but we can make it up on something happen right now.

So ya.. the greatest gift you can give to someone else is your time. Time is precious.
If you didn’t use it, you’ll regret that on the future.
Don’t be like that, please.
Respect your self before you can do it to others.

And now is about my time… to sleep.
Good morning, my fellow bloggers. Sleep tight..


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