Religion on E-KTP

You’ve heard the issue about ministry of Internal Affairs in Indonesia soon will allow to eliminating the religion column on e-id card, right?

So.. i want to ask you about this.
Is religion still important to humanity?

From my point-of-view, the answer is no. Religion is no longer important to be exaggerated. People has right to choose what they believe without having to worry about other people’s judge.
God is God.
No religion teach you to be bad person. God always teach us to love.
If there’s a religion who teach you to do something bad, it’s definitely not a religion.

Right now, world seems has different pov. Regarding to many people do something bad in the name of God.
Killing another people didn’t make you religious.
Killing only make you to be villain.

To be a good people, we only need to act like one.
And stop talking about your kindness in front of other people. If you’re good, people will see it.
Don’t worry.
Just keep doing something good for others, then the karma will back to you.

Having a religion is only about faith. But don’t be too fanatic. That’s bad.
Something if it’s doing excessively, will adversely affect.
Also, people will see it from negative pov.

For example.
FPI (Front Pembela Islam) in Indonesia do sweeping with violence.
Not every Moslem’s is bad person, but because of them, mostly people will hate Moslem’s people.
Al-Qaeda, ISIS, etc.. They are only a bad person killing other people in the name of Islam.
That’s not good.

Having religion must be about having a peace of mind.
Having your connection with God every time you breathe while you have living this life peacefully.
It’s not about judge other religion and claimed they’re going to hell if they didn’t follow your faith.
That’s stupid.

Meanwhile Indonesia and/or Malaysia still having religion column on their Id-card, mostly the rest of other country didn’t have it, and they’re doing just fine.

The key is to respect each other, instead of judging each other.

So, it has plus and minus point if Mendagri or Menteri Dalam Negeri will do it very soon.
I’ve my opinion, so do you.
Share it on comment section bellow.



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