My Review : Big Hero 6 (2014)

Well hi..
My weekend doesn’t feel so good. Because i’ve spend most of my time, sleeping.
And ya, i hope it’s helping me tomorrow. LOL

Wish i had a new info for you guys, but since i sleep all day, i know nothing.

But, before you hate me..
Yes i watch Big Hero 6, today!
So, i can give you a little late review, because i know everyone are already watch this beautiful movie.

For today’s rating, Big Hero 6 has 8,4 star point on IMDb. Woohoooo!

Well, i’m not gonna talk about Hiro, Baymax or the rest of the crew, because my favorite char still toothless (on cartoon movie). He is like the coolest dragon that i’ve ever wanted.


Ah… you remember that this movie is based on Marvel’s comic right? Don’t leave the cinema before the last credit disappear. Just don’t..!!
Like the Marvel movies, this film also has an end credit scene not connected with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it does not share the same MCU. You’ll meet someone important!

Big Hero 6 is the first animated Marvel film to be released theatrically via Walt Disney Animation Studios. However, the film does not share the same universe as the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe.. Like you know, two important characters from the Big Hero 6 comic, namely Silver Samurai and Sunfire, did not make it to the film due to 20th Century Fox owning both characters, due to their affiliation with the X-Men..
Or, you maybe already notice that there are lots of changes to the names, the setting, the ethnicities of characters, the back stories, and several plot points.. (Better read the comic too, only if you want to know).

Here is another trivia info for you. The inflatable, vinyl, truly huggable design of Baymax is inspired by ‘soft robotics’ research at Carnegie Mellon University.
I know you wish Baymax will soon to be made. Like most people wish Doraemon will be real.
Me..? I only think about dragon! LOL
I want to be Dragon whisperer..

About the town where they live, San Fransokyo.
According to Scott Watanabe, the movie is set in an alternate future where after the 1906 earthquake, San Francisco was rebuilt by Japanese immigrants using techniques that allow movement and flexibility in a seismic event. After the city was finished being rebuilt, it was renamed San Fransokyo due to it being a city with Japanese and American architecture combined.

Big Hero 6 contains a large number of hidden “easter eggs” from other Disney animated features. Hiro’s cat is wearing a Stitch costume in the picture hanging in the stairway of his house. Hiro has a figure of Wreck-it Ralph on his computer monitor. The arcade game Sugar Rush is seen in a arcade. At the police station, there is a wanted poster over the shoulder of the police officer that not only has Hans from Frozen, but also one of the misdrawn pictures of Flynn Ryder from Tangled. Stan Lee also make his obligatory Marvel cameo not only in the family portrait, but also in the after credit scene. Bolt can be seen in a picture. (as noted above)

And here’s the last thing i can give you..
At the college lab, right at the end of the scene where GoGo was introduced, there is a white board on the background with various things written on it, including “Project A113”. A113 refers to a classroom, and appears in most Pixar films.
If you notice this as i am, then you’re lucky enough. LOL
I later then found it on IMDb’s web page.

Well, that’s it for tonight.
See you tomorrow..! Balalala…
LOL 😀 😀



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