What if this is a Love Story?

Gw lagi pengin banget nonton Saint Saiya di Blitz. Tapi berhubung belum ada waktu dan blitz jaraknya di luar jangkauan, gw masih mikir2 kapan bisa sempet nonton film favorit gw jaman masih balita dulu… (Biar dikata muda).. 😛

Ok.. let’s not talk about that.
I’ve received an email this afternoon and i think i can share it here with you guys.
It’s from a friend of mine.. She tell me it’s fine to share this to public. And i just don’t know, maybe we can learn a little about love.

“My heart skip a beat when I saw him right in front of me. Hanging around with his colleague, maybe. I thought he was dead 3 years ago.
I was on Akita when I heard about his dead, I was hopeless, I came back to Jakarta and tried to found him. I search every where, but I found nothing. His friends told me to let him go, and move on with my live. I still not gave up and I still tried to reach him, I want to know the truth, but everyone said he is already gone. No one ever told me where he is buried or the reason why is he dead, and after 2-3 months, I think I should move on with my live. (Of course I never stop think about him, anyway.)

That day, when I was on lunch break and my colleague ask me to eat with them on a public cafeteria. I can barely eat my food. I don’t know why. I only stare at the window next to me.
And then I saw him. Smoking outside the building, laughing with his friend.
 I just knew it was him. It was him!
Still use the same glasses as when the last time I saw him.
I saw him. And he saw me.
I stop eating and suddenly raise from my seat, and run away.
I can’t stop my foot. I run away from that place, rush back to my office.

He is running after me. I don’t know.
He grab my hand, and stop me from running.
But, I push him away. I rush to the elevator and right on time, one elevator is ready to take me back to my office.
I was in shock. Literally in shock, and my heart is beating in a race as I wait for the elevator to reach the floor of my office.

That was the first time after 3 years, I see him again. 

And I think I have moved on..

But I was wrong.

Three days after, when I am going back to home, I meet him again at the lobby as I wait for my driver to pick me up.
He was using a dark blue suit and still talking on his phone.
I thought he didn’t see me. But I was wrong.
When he saw me, he walk fast towards me while end his chat on phone. I can’t do anything.

He grab my hands and hug me. 

I can feel the warmth of his tears on my shoulder. I know he is crying. He whispered ‘sorry’ like thousand times. And I can’t even say a single thing. 

I heard someone call his name from a car that just arrived at the lobby. 
He stood up, see the person who call his name, and give a code with his hand. 
But when I thought he was ready to leave me there, I was wrong. 
He still grab my hand, as he walked towards that car. 
He want me to go with him. 



She end the email just like that.
But a couple minutes after i receive that email, she send me another email that tell she will continue it later. Because she was on the bed, with him. And she told me, she is fine.
Well.. What should i say?


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