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I’m just reading my own post from last night.
And idk why, but I’m so sorry, i was posted something personal last nigh.. (But, never mind.. this is my blog anyway..)
Hope you don’t mind.. LOL

But now… I want to share something with you..

I bet you already knew that Doraemon: Stay with Me is already on theater from December 10th, 2014.
And right now, Blitz Megaplex was full with people.
I don’t think i can watch it this weekend.. I’ve no time to waste for queuing. LOL

Next, I want to give you a fact that sharing and caring can help reduce stress.

“Dalam buku Give & Take yang ditulis oleh profesor Adam Grant, ia memaparkan konsep “membantu orang dalam 100 jam”. Menurutnya, meluangkan waktu selama 100 jam dalam setahun, atau rata-rata 5 menit sehari untuk membantu sesama manusia, dapat menimbulkan rasa kebahagiaan dan mengurangi rasa depresi dan stres.”

as I quote from health.kompas :
“In Give and Take book that was written by Prof. Adam Grant, He make a concept “helping people in 100 hours”. According to him, sparing 100 hours on 1 year, or 5 minutes on average a day for helping other people, can create happiness and decrease depression and stress.”

Isn’t it great?

As i always said that people with bipolar really need to talk and communicating with other people to help reduce the stress or helping them to distribute their creativity with others.
With communicating, people with bipolar will not be miss-understood.

Remember to always help people around you.. Even it only 5 minutes, it will means a lot for some reason you maybe didn’t know..


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