Word of Wisdom

Never ask for someone else’s attention.
You don’t have to.
Because, when you stop doing what are you doing for them right now, they’ll start noticing.

It’s as simple as that… Right!?


Have you ever heard about, “Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family.”
So, stay loyal. Stay faithful. Stay True..
You don’t need to beg for someone’s attention to you, be you..

Life is short, so forgive quickly, believe slowly, love truly, laugh loudly and never avoid anything that makes you smile.
And sometimes, we still forget how to do it.
Even a single smile can makes someone’s day.
You just never know!

Oh ya.. right!

I love when my self become this wise. Like a drunk man who won’t remember a single thing tomorrow morning. LOL



And… the main topics on this post are…
Yes.. I already watch Doraemon : Stand By Me. And yes, I’m cry like a baby when Nobita fighting with Giant, when Doraemon has to leave Nobita and back to the future, and when Doraemon is coming back to see Nobita because of lying serum. Perfect.
And… yes.. I’m a man, and I’m noticing there’s a scene when Shizuka is taking a bath on this movie. LOL 😀


The Hobbit is on the Cinema start from today!!
This one, i’ll definitely watch it…!
No matter what… I will!

Wait for my review 😛


And, so…. how’s is your plan for holiday?
Is it going to be very fun with full party from evening to morning?
Or… You better stay home at new years and having fun start from christmas eve?

Some of my friends ask me to join their party on December 26th. But i don’t think i can make it.
Still had some jobs to do.
I must make a plan.. Before it’s too late. LOL


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