New Year’s coming!

People often forget how important is to say please, sorry and thank you..
And i don’t mind to get angry when people forget to say thank you.
Ok.. forget it!

I notice something change on my blog.
Wordpress already updating dashboard for WP admin. And now, i’m in new blog post editor.
It’s simplified and easy to use. But sometimes, you’ll miss the old one. Because maybe you’ve used the old one for a long time.

Talking about how long you used something reminds me that i’ve lost my favorite pencil, that i’ve used since i was in high school. An old mechanic pencil, dark blue and has no eraser on it.
It’s old, but i really like it.
My heart break a little each time i want to take a note.
Well, i know it’s a little too cheesy for a man like me has something really important, and sad each time i remember it’s already gone. But, what ever… that’s my favorite one..

A new year is coming in just 10 days from now. And I still haven’t make any decision of what i’m going to do next year. Too cliché..

Still had a couple days to work before i can have day off. LOL
Can’t wait until new years again..
See you, guys… 😀



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