AirAsia QZ-8501

“There will be a time when you realize you love someone the most.
But, you’ve to remember,
If you love someone, set them free..”

There’s the only thing i can say after watch the news today.

Air Asia QZ-8501 was fall near Javanese sea on December 28th, 2014. That airplane was fly from Surabaya to Singapore and was fall near Javanese Sea.

There are 177 passengers manifested, but 23 of them cancel or didn’t come.
And there are 155 passengers boarded (128 adults, 16 childs and 1 baby)
Nationality: 149 Indonesia, 1 Malaysia, 1 Singapore, 3 South Korea and 1 United Kingdom.
There are 7 crews boarded (2 cockpit crews and 5 cabin crews)

So, total person: 162 boarded on that plane.

Only 30 people has found till today. Some of them are:  Khairunisa Haidar, Grayson Herbert Linaksita, and Kevin Alexander Soetjipto.


This is the chronology before the airplane gone missing as quoted by the Director of Civil Aviation Director Djoko Murjatmodjo:
Last sighting plane AirAsia QZ 8501 PK-AXC majors Surabaya – Singapore.

05.36 AM WIB (Local Time), the airplane take off from Surabaya towards Singaporewith an altitude of 32,000 feet. The aircraft was reported to follow the usual path taken between Surabaya and Singapore is M635.

06.12 AM, last contact with the Air Traffic Control in Jakarta. In the contact, the pilot asked for dodge to the left and ask permission to climb to an altitude of 38,000 feet. Request pilot approved by the ATC.

06.16 AM, The airplane still on the radar screen.

06.17 AM, the airplane was only a signal in the ATC radar.

06.18 AM, plane disappeared from radar. The only thing left in radar was flight plan. Supposedly, in the radar there is other data that is the realization of fly but the data was lost.

07.08 AM, the plane is declared INCERFA, namely the initial stage loss of contact. Party communications director general of contact to Basarnas.

07.28 AM, declared plane ALERFA, the following stages in stating plane lost contact.

07.55 AM, the plane is officially declared DETRESFA or missing.
The location of the lost contact between Tanjung Pandan and Pontianak somewhere to the south. Basarnas seek that position because ELT functioning when the plane went down, there will be a transmission, but the signal does not yet exist..


But, it’s over now..
Some of the passengers and the crew has been found, dead..

The airplane also has been found.. But, the mystery behind it not yet discovered.

You’ll soon know everything.
Open your eyes wide, seek the truth.



My deepest condolences for the family and friends of  QZ-8501…
Rest in peace..


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