a New Beginning

Hi everyone…
Last night i want to write something on this blog, but i lose my mood. So, today, i write this post at the office.

Never mind.
The office is empty anyway.

I’ve no time to watch the news or read newspaper.
Only listening to the radio when i’m on my way to office.
And nothing’s really interesting.

I can’t say that i’ve lose my faith to humanity, but sometimes i wonder why people can be so ignorance?

Today, 5th January 2015..
I still has no new year’s resolution. So, fvck me, right? LOL

It doesn’t really important anyway.
Forget it lah.. 😀
Being a nice person is more important than anything or everything.
Wish i can be with someone, one more years.. only one more years..
(But i know it’s impossible, so.. i’m ok)
I hope she remember me.
Hope she is fine.



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