Wake me up!

Hey… just wake up!

It’s me again..
Damn, i feel so hangover!

Tipsy and hungry, of course.
Craving for some food and water.
But… not in the mood to move on from the bed.

Going home on next weekend. So, i still have one more week to have fun.


Hey.. New year, new resolution is a bullshit, right? LOL

I thought this year will be awesome.. But… We will never know.
All this problem we had.. The next and countless problem we will face.. And some problem we will and never solved. We just had no idea where will the faith lead us to.

I’m not trying to be so poetic this year, but my mind forced me to be like this. 😀
(I’m just trying to write what exactly on my mind, don’t hate me because of that…)
Man can be very sensitive too, sometimes.
And i was forced to be like this since i was a man with bipolar.
I should write everything on my mind. My fvcking mood, all the time.
*all the time if i could* 😛

So, now i need to find food, before i passed out again.
See ya!


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