My review: The woman in Black 2

We almost reach the end of January.
The 3rd week of January begin today.
I’m at the office, and think I’m ready to start again.
Well, you know, sometimes mind can be very tricky. LOL

Last night i watched The woman in Black 2 : Angel of death.
Not very creepy. Only jump scare everywhere.
And since i watched it alone, and there’re teenagers all over the theater, i can help it but had a mini heart attack!

And please.. Please do have manners in theater.
You know when we watch movie, the theater will be dark. No light.
But that’s the point!
Don’t use your phone like the theater is all yours!
For the girl who sat in front of me last night…. Fvck You….!

The woman in Black 2 : Angels of death only has 5,4 rating on IMDb.
The review is not really good, btw.. But i like miss Parkins (since she is very pretty with her smile) and Harry because he is too cute for Eve. LOL

Did you know that Both this film and The woman in black (2012) star “Harry Potter” cast members. The first starred Daniel Radcliffe and this film starred Helen McCrory and Adrian Rawlins.
I knew i remember watch Daniel’s face on the last movie, but not so sure.

The unique fact is that the only angel of death that is traditionally referenced as a woman is Santa Muerte. However, she is never depicted wearing black.

And… if you guys notice that when they’re on the cellar, and the candle is out, why don’t they switch on the pilot’s torch whilst trying to light the candles? I found it very funny, and stupid.. really.

And why.. like why.. i can’t find any connection between the first movie and the second one?

Another thing that bugging me when i watch this is when i realize that this movie is out on 2014, and i watch this on 2015.
Like really guys? What took you so long anyway for a horror movie?


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