My Review : Seventh Son

Good evening everyone…
I just come home after a long rough day. And i forget where i left my earphone, somewhere… around my messy bed room.
So, ya… i’m in that mood, “Just because i’m smiling, doesn’t mean i don’t want to hit you in the face… with a chair.” Don’t make my day even worse!

The good thing is i just watch another movie about witches. I know you knew it.

Yes, it’s Seventh Son. And i thought i’m enjoying the movie, but not the story.
You might remember Hansel and Gretel. Their mother was a witch too. A good witch who fight for peace and die for victory.
They only change the rule of the movie. Only the 7th son, of the 7th son who can be a Spook.
And.. that’s cliché, like you know.. the hero is the son of a good witch. And he fell in love with the daughter of the witch. And he is the only apprentice who live. Although he never learn to fight, he can do that only in less than a week. WOW.. amazing right!?

The score for this movie was 6,0 from IMDb.
And ya.. i guess it’s fair enough.

One thing bugging me after watching the movie is could this be a side story for hansel and gretel? Their mom was a white witch, wasn’t it?
Tom and Alice was married and only had two children, whom next kidnapped by another dark witch who wants to take revenge and rule the world. Only that Gretel was witch too… And both of them be a witch slayer.
Awesome thought, right?

Julianne Moore’s act is not very good. Because of the flat character on Hunger Games: MockingJay.

And.. for whom who doesn’t know, this movie is based on 1st book of Joseph Delany’s series ” The Last Apprentice”. And if you read “the last apprentice”, you might remember Nicolas Cage. Yep. Because there was a movie who played repeatedly on tv last year, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Or a tv series with the same tittle, The Last Apprentice.

Well, it’s good for having a nice ending when you watch a movie that you expected to be good (but no so good) once you had a bad day..

Gotta search for that ‘thing’ before i can go to sleep.



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