Why Suicide?

Rangga Arman Kusuma, 14 years old, committed suicide on his own wardrobe, on Wednesday, 14th January.

Suicides in the teenage years is already common. According to psychologist Ratih Ibrahim, the trigger of suicide in this age can be various. “Could be due to a friend, girl/boyfriend, even from the media,” he said when contacted on Sunday, January 18, 2015

But, what in the Hell is suicide?

Suicide is a deliberate act that caused the death of yourself. Suicide is often done as a result of despair, the cause is often associated with mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcohol addiction / alcoholism or drug abuse.
Factors that cause stress include financial difficulties or problems in interpersonal relationships often come into play. Efforts to prevent suicide among others, is the restriction of access to firearms, treating mental illness and drug abuse, as well as improving economic conditions.

So, now you’ll need to take serious action on cases like bipolar disorder.
That’s why i always said, that communication is important! No matter how old are you, your gender, what kind of job are you doing, or where did you live. When it comes to depression, anyone could commit suicide. And that’s bad..

That’s true we can’t choose to be born in which family, or on what situation, or even to be boy or a girl.
But choose to commit suicide is not an answer. Because even tough you can’t choose to not be born, you have the right to live your life..

(This post is the proof that sometimes i can be sane)

Well.. Here are 15 causes of and risk factors for suicide from dokterindonesiaonline.com

  1. Mental Disorder
    Bipolar, schizophrenia and many other mental disorder can be a main cause of suicide case.
  2. Drugs Addiction
    Using of a drugs may cause addiction, and also depression. Be careful with the drug that you use for any medication purpose.
  3. Gambling Addiction
  4. Medical Condition
  5. Sleep Disorder
    Lack of sleep is the source of depression too.
  6. Stress or Depression
    You know what it is, right? Be social.. Communicate, and let go all your problem once in a while.
  7. Sexual Abuse
  8. Poverty
    It’s true that money can’t buy happiness. But who doesn’t hate it when you don’t have money? Money can bring you full stomach and video games, movie, etc..
  9. Social Media
    Social media bullying is a piece of sh*t.. Stop Bullying!
  10. Smokers
  11. Adolescents with Concussions
  12. Musicians, Celebrity or Public Figures
    There are so many cases of musicians and celebrity who had depression and committed suicide. You know why.. Paparazzi, the burden of their job, working 24/7… People can be crazy living a life like that.
  13. Adult with Asperger Syndrome
    Asperger syndrome is one of the autism spectrum disorders.
  14. Adopted kid / Foster Child
    A kid without a proper family can be stressed and have a depression.
  15. Food Diet
    Never diet. Eat what you need! not what you want.

Read more on dokterindonesiaonline.com for more info about suicide, cause and how to prevent it.
Thanks and have a good day!


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