A simple Kind of unWanted Love

Good day everyone!

What are you guys doing this afternoon? I’m still on my desk.. Doing what i need to do.. Forget what i need to forget.
Nothing is really as important as breathing.
Not even love.
Because breathing is more essential, more than love..

Actually, i need to tell you something.
Not really important, but i think i’m in trouble. Again.

Definitly in trouble.

You know, when a girl like you, love you, always think about you… And you feel like, no.. i’m not into her..
So, you feel she is kinda annoying. And you want to get rid of her.
“Don’t say you love me, because i’m afraid, i can’t say it back…”

Your heart is belong to someone else.. You simply can’t accept another love even your love is not around.

Oh ya.. you know how it feel.

Sorry but i can’t.

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