27 Facts About Me

Since this is a personal blog, and the owner was me, i guess it’s time for playing “27 Facts About Me”..

Let’s get start it!

  1. First of all, i’m a person with bipolar. I’d sometimes hate myself and sometimes even forget that i am me.
  2. I’m a prince charming, without a princess.
  3. Noticing that i love food, but had a skinny body with a few muscles.
  4. I’m not a smoker. In fact that i really hate any kind of smoke.
  5. I drink sometimes, but am a heavy coffee drinker.
  6. I’m not into technology, i still use a very late PC with windows on it and same with my gadget.
  7. I only had two best buddies, and they think writing on blog is lame.
  8. I still had a diary that i wrote when i’m on high school. It’s from my therapy session.
  9. Never had a pet, but i will considering to have one, maybe..
  10. I sleep very late, and wake up early. A very few time for sleep. A bipolar curse.
  11. Once i’ve ran away from my house because i’ve got rejected. Lame.
  12. As a man, i know how to survive without food for a week or more.
  13. The longest strike for me not having bath is 2 and half weeks.
  14. I’ve a secret lover, we love each other, but always say we’re friend. It’s not a friendzone or love like “no string attached” but… it’s our way.
  15. I’m crazy about knife, dagger, sword, and any other sharp things. But not any kind of needle.
  16. I had two favorite pencil and i can’t live without them.
  17. My favorite hobby are reading and writing. But mostly I just read. And read only.
  18. I have double job. Day and night. So, ladies… yes, i had money! LOL
  19. Only had one pair shoes for work, and one pair for hang out.
  20. Rarely call someone. Lot of text.
  21. I’ve a collection of buttons.
  22. My mom is dead and my father is overseas. I lived alone since high school.
  23. I’ve two blanket on my bed.
  24. I use soft lens lately. I’ve broke my glasses when i fall from stair a week ago.
  25. My favorite sport is free diving.
  26. My favorite website are wordpress and 9gag. So, 9gagers are welcome here.
  27. I was born Atheist and free.

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