5 Life Lesson From Super Mario Bros

Hi.. I’m welcoming you all on February.. A month of love. LOL

Oh, you still single? Shame on you!
But same here..

😀 😀 😀

I just installed emulator for game boy on my pc. And i played some nostalgic game on it.
Like Super Mario Bros, Harvest mood, etc.
You know what?
It’s super fun! Like the old days.

When i’m searching for this (Super Mario Bros) game, I found a page from viva.co.id about Mario.

5 Life Lesson From (game) Super Mario Bros.

  1. Success is for everyone
    Mario is just a plumber. He is not a prince with a white horse. He fought without armor, not even a single knife.
    Mario is so brave when facing the challenges, he teach us that success always respect anyone. No matter what is your social status, profession, or a background. If we have the courage, persistence, patience, and a little luck, we can succeed!
  2. Saving money can save life
    We search for coins in the entire game. And when the coin has reached 100, we gain 1 lives.

    In real life? Money can’t buy happiness. But it sure can buy you some food, clothes, etc. So, spare your money, save it for you, so your future self will thanked you for that.

  3. Use your chance as well as possible
    When Mario has the star (of course it’s hidden somewhere on each stage), he will be very strong. He needn’t any fire ability to kill the enemy.
    Use this opportunity to reach the castle as fast as you can.
  4. Sometimes, Rarely Skipped Way That Is Best Way
    You know near the end of each stage, there will be a hidden pipe that lead you into a small room filled with gold coin. Or it might be a short cut to another stage, so it’s quicker to reach the castle with the princess on it.

    Don’t worry to be different, you know.. sometimes the best way is your very own way!
    (I can be very wise, sometimes! 😛 )

  5. “The princess is in another palace”
    “Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle.”
    This sentence is automatically mentioned that success, happiness, or success that we are looking for sometimes is somewhere else. Don’t stop believing in your self.
    If it’s not there, search elsewhere.
    Seek for your success!

I really enjoyed my childhood because this kind of game.
No need Internet connection, no need live account (only memory card), no need to pay or see any advertisement. You only need to play and have some fun!

That’s it for tonight.
Enjoy your February, bro and sis…! 😀


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