My Review: Jupiter Ascending

Hey fellas…
I just watch Jupiter Ascending and i find it interesting.
Very well Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis!

You know that on the date for the wide release of this movie, February 6th, 2015, Jupiter will be at its opposition. Meaning, it will be at its closest point to Earth, as well as have its face fully illuminated by the Sun..

Well.. on this movie Mila Kunis describes Jupiter Jones as unhappy with her job and life, but also lazy and with no aspirations to do anything about it until Caine Wise finds her. That’s happen to everyone, i guess.
As I feel the same. LOL
That kind of life.. Wake up early in the morning, had to do so many job, had no time for social-life, etc..
I think every single person in this world should’ve taste it once in life time, so they’ll know the meaning of their life.

Before i talk that much far from the movie i need to talk about, i’m going to give you info about this movie.
IMDb’s rating for Jupiter Ascending is 6.0, which mean it’s not that bad.. Just ok, i guess.

You have to acknowledge that the father’s hobby about astronomy is have no connection at all with the whole story, except for the name of Jupiter Jones. So, don’t worry and think so much about the father.
Because, there are no connection at all between the Abrasax’s family and Jupiter’s family.
Reincarnation on that movie describe as a repetition of the same gen after all.

It’s a very fun imagination to think about that one day earth will be harvested.
That there are so many planets like us out there, at the empty space.
Because i like the idea that we’re not alone..!
That there are so many lives out there waiting to be found.. Soon or later.

Jupiter owns the earth is funny.. But well.. At the end, this movie.. the whole movie is just about how Caine Wise falling in love with Jupiter Jones.

And i really love the gravity shoes. LOL
I’ve been waiting for flying hoverboard for ‘Back to Future’ and now, this flying shoes? Oh.. come on..
If i can have one pair of them, i’ll never ever gonna be late to the office. 😀

The funny things is no matter what kind of race and where did you live, there are always people who hate bureaucracy. And how money is work on it.
It’s shown when Jupiter’s about to claim her throne.
Long and full of Sh*t.. Money is needed. LOL
And all I can think about is Indonesian government, and then i laugh.

You should watch this movie if you like science fiction or fantasy movie. There are a lot of action scene, so it won’t be that boring if you only like action movie.
But.. there are also many scenes with only conversation on it.
You’ll laugh when you watch this.
Don’t worry.

I quote,
Some lives will always matter more than others…
and that’s sadly true.


I can’t wait for space exploration era.. But, I must be very old by then. LOL
See ya on the next movie review! 😀



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