How to be a Human

Sometimes we forget how to be ‘human’.
The way we talked to other people, like react or responding to someone else.

-Sometimes, we’re different from who we are-

Living in society is my main problem as long as i can remember.
How doom I am when i finally move in to a stranger house. Living on my own.
It’s hard even to understand myself in the first place.

It’s quite funny when i thinking about myself trying so hard to improve my skill to be a good person.

People will soon ask my religion, but then i can’t answer it.
But, still.. i’m a good person.

Human being is special.
From the way they think, the way they use tools, the way they socialize, etc.
We’re special because of who we are.
Every single human who make this society.

But sometimes, we just forget how to “human”.



PS. Don’t read this post and think about it. I just being a crazy man talking sh*t with my mind. I know this is absurd, and maybe you won’t understand at all.. But here is what’s on my mind. Right now.


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