Last Day at Work

One of my friend is resign today.

Idk what should I say to him.  But I’m glad he can move on from this shitty job. LOL.  (wish the boss didn’t read this).  Well I the real reason why he is resign from my office is because  he is going to married and move to Bali , where his fiance lived.  Wish you’Il happy with married life, bro… I can’t imagine it yet.  I just can’t think about it for real.

But, you must remember, the measure of intelligence is the ability to change,  brother Einstein said. Sometimes change our self to fit in with new life to be with someone that we  love is just a beautiful  sacrifice.  Just remember, don’t lose your self into that life you pursue.  Have you ever been so close to crying but you smile anyways ?  I have done it before, one, and I still do that for the woman I love.

I feel happy for my friend. But just I can’t lie to myself. I knew  I ever love someone I and now I miss her only because I’m happy for this  good news ?

Maybe not today, tomorrow, or even a year, but eventually things will turn  up you will get better and be able to look back and say with relief : “I made it”.

Not today — Exactly.

Arghh…  I’m still not in the mood for write more than this.

see ya!

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