March on progress

Hi bro (and sis of course)!  How are you?  I’m definitely in perfect shape for welcoming you guys on March.  It’s amazing how fast time can be.  I almost forgot that we have just passed February and move on to  March.

March 1st,  1 am.

I’m barely sleeping because I was drank too much coffee.  And suddenly I remember about March. It’s Pisces season again.

As a man, the only explanation I can give to you why I love reading fortune  is because, sometimes I need second opinion before I make any decision.  And since I’ve learned that I can’t trust people (any people count, including  myself)  so, tried something else like fortune reading.  It’s simple as if I really want to believe it or not, but at least  I won’t make a fail decision without thinking in the first place.

Horoscope is can’t be 100% accurate but it’s not always wrong.  so, yeah… let’s say that I love read people personalities based on their  horoscope.  It’s fun and easy to do tho.

Once again, It’s Pisces season again, everyone.

For this time only, I want to write about me and my fellow friend  who was born under Pisces sign.

Pisces is the last Zodiac.
Pisces are compassionate, adaptable, accepting, devoted and imaginative.  But also, Pisces are oversensitive, indecisive, self-pitying, lazy and  escapist.
Pisces have an intuitive and physic ability more than any other zodiac sign.  They trust their gut feelings and if they don’t, they quickly learn to because  they realize that their hunches are usually correct. Pisces downfall is their  sensitivity and their inability to reject another person. They don’t like rejection  and then they try to treat others the way they want to be treated so they will rarely  say no to a person for fear of hurting their feelings. They will help another  person with their problems and like to do so because making others feel good in turn makes them feel good.
Pisces is the zodiac sign of self-undoing.  People born under this zodiac sign are not susceptible to bad luck and unfortunate  events, they bring them on themselves by overindulging , laziness and a knack for  picking poorly suited partners and friends.  They want people in their life who stir their emotions because this help them to practice emotional stability.  The inner conflict of Pisces is extreme of temperament and conflicting emotions. They are  trying to pinpoint themselves on the real world while their spiritual world can cloud their vision, they will try to escape  or avoid a situation instead of confronting it. Pisces eternal struggle is to learn to use their powers and their imagination  in a positive, productive way and vying for emotional stability by not giving away their emotions to everyone else,  they need to help themselves.

Pisces season will start very soon. I will write more about this sign later  on next post when the season is start. Wait for it.

Now I’m gonna need some sleep.  Even though today is Sunday (almost 2 am),  I’m worried about my holiday. I don’t want to waste all Sunday on bed.

Oh and RlP Mr. Spock. He died a couple days ago. Long live and  prosper, sir ! Glad we have you.


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