Freakin Thursday!



What the fvck really is happen on March 2nd?
My stat is incredibly high on that day, but i ain’t post anything.

Who’s playing on my blog anyway? it’s so creepy here.

😐 I don’t mind, but if something happen like this, i actualy feel a bit awkward. Because, it’s look like a hand who giving a middle finger to everyone. LOL

Well, i’m supposed to work right now. But i can’t even think.
(like always, i know)
Talking about working, i guess i’ll make myself free this weekend. Who’s coming with me? I want to go to the beach, with some b*tches, and going to have fun! (No.. that’s a lie, cause i’m forever alone)
But, going to the beach seems a good idea for me right now.
I need to spend my time for my self.
No worry.
It’s just sometimes, when i look to the wave, i feel like i wanna suicide.
But when i touch water, that thought is completely gone from my mind. No worry, bro.. no worry!

Today I wear all black. Black T-shirt, black jeans, black belt (Everybody was kungfu fighting 😀 😀 😀 ), black phone case, and black suitcase.

It’s appear to represented my mood today. Gloomy. But i’m happy though because tomorrow is Friday!

Ok, see you guys soon!



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