50 Shades of Fvck!

As I twitted last night, that i’ve  watched 50 Shades of Grey (before i read the book, honestly, and i’m pretty sure i lost my appetite to read it now), it reminds me of someone who is a dominant.
He is a normal kind of gentleman, but can be very protective when it comes about his ‘pet’, i assume.

I won’t talk about the movie because it more like a hard core porn with a story.
And you maybe already saw it’s rating on IMDb, so it really bother me to write review about it.
I prefer not to talk about my pov about sex in this blog.
I know every man in this world love sex, but… i’ll keep it for my self.

Because, as i quoted from 50 Shades of Grey, “I don’t make love. I fuck… hard” – Christian Grey.
Yes, i’m that kind of man.

So, instead talking much more about sex, it’s better to make a little refreshment of my memory about my ‘long-lost’ friend.
Because i’m still on my desk, unfortunately.
And i don’t want anyone read about this before i post it.

His name was X (pronounced ex), and is a young and quite popular man in such young age.
He is so mysterious and cold hearted. But i knew he once fall in love with a girl. Younger than him and i know nothing about her, as X never told me about her. Just a couple chit chat and i just knew she is the one he loves. Like this conversation from that movie (again):

Ana : “I’ve fallen in love with you.”
Chritian : “No. You can’t love me.”

He told that girl exactly like that on chat, as he let me take a look of it on office, almost 5 years ago. On his last week at my office.
I knew he is a little bit crazy about that girl.
Didn’t want to let her come near him, but won’t let her go.
It’s funny to hear when you’re not the one who involved on that kind of relation ship.
On reality, it’s hurting both of them.
In love with each other, but make a barrier so they couldn’t be together.

I never heard about him anymore. But the last information about him is he was overseas now.
Never heard about that girl either.

So. I guess the man like Grey was really exist in this world.
Idk if it’s a bad news or a good news. LOL





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