Good Afternoon..

I think i’ve found a right place to settle down.

To found a family with the same craziness is one of a beautiful things in the whole world.
I just knew that i already found one. And I’m happy to say, they’re amazing.
For understanding me, making me laugh, cry and think.. why did i just found them right now?

For friend who can make you feel physically pain only with make you laugh, is  amazing..
I’m very gratefull for every single things that they gave to me.
And I just knew, one day, i’ll do everything for them for the sake of friendship.

I knew i’ve mental illness, and they’re okay with it. Simple.

Support from your friends and beloved will help a lot for people like me.

And for every single person in this world is unique on his/her own way. And that’s beautiful.
Very beautiful.

Sometimes we can’t see that beauty..

I quoted, “Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong…”



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