My Review: Tracers (2015)

I’ve watched Tracers last night.

It’s good to see Taylor Lautner back, with his GF (Marie Avgeropoulos), to do some actions. :p

The story is very simple, i knew. I’m not expect anything happens on that movie. Only to see another Parkour movie. And that’s great to feel like exercising on theater.
Too bad, IMDb only give score 5,4 for this movie.

I don’t like the romance part from this movie. Instead, i’m craving for more Parkour and action which is already good on this movie.
FYI : “Traceur”, English translation ‘tracer’, is the French name for a practitioner of parkour.
So, this movie is has to be about Parkour only.. I mean it.

And this in fact that tracers wrapped filming on August 1, 2013 and was released in March 2015. In an interview, Taylor Lautner confirms the movie took long to be released due to no initial studio attachment and the “perfectionist” nature of director, Daniel Benmayor.

Tracers (2015)

I can only think about Chinese Mobs are more scary than i thought. LOL..


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